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We work with small business owners who find themselves struggling to grow their business as fast as they would like and provide them with a tailored process that has them immediately attract more clients and retain more profits that they have ever done before. 

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We have created a business growth online network that gives small business owners and entrepreneurs access to all the tools, resources and support they need to grow their Income faster and with greater confidence and certainty than they have had before. This results in more customers more profits and a scaleable business. 

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Thanks to my previous life as an Accountant I have been able to take a unique and detailed peek into what business do to succeed and not do. For the average everyday business owner trying to create profits at the end of the week, it can be a scary undertaking when you don't know where to start - you need a system to follow in order to be successful. I don't know ANYONE that has been super successful in business without a system in place that make cash happen.  

Have a think about this analogy..... if you asked me to draw a picture of an intricate flower, say a ROSE, it would be totally unrecognizable because I am a terrible artist... however if you gave me a Paint - By - Numbers system to follow, I would easily provide you with a predictable and recognisable picture of a ROSE. Generating Cash Flow and Profits works exactly the same way. 

We will teach you our secret business success paint - by - numbers system almost nobody knows about ... except a few successful business owners. Once available to you, will provide you with cash flow and profits then your every thought possible, you will be blown away how easy some of my strategies and tactics really are.


” Since working with Glenis my business has experienced growth in excess of 30%. The strategic plan we set in place is coming together in every area of the business. I can now see the solid foundation we have built will be the catalyst for future expansion. 

Glenis runs a successful business of her own – she’s not just a ‘textbook’ coach and there’s absolute level of confidence in dealing with someone with demonstrated success. ”  

- (DINAH; Little Tummy Tucker)

“ I have been working with Glenis for one month and already we have increased our turnover by 66%. I am now clearer as to where the business is heading and the actions to be taken to get there. ”  

- My Designer

“ When I first starting working with Glenis I didn’t really understand what the numbers meant when I started jotting them down from month to month, but now I have 18 months worth of numbers it has really helped me see where my sales come from, and my key numbers. It also helps me see which marketing channels have the best conversion and creates the best leads. It has really helped me focus on what works, and what doesn’t. So I have been able to increase my business by over 200% in 15 months. ”  

- Ashley Portas (CEO DiamondPort)


Glenis Gassmann

Glenis Gassmann, CA, Business Strategist and a Master of Business Communications. Working with business owners world wide who want to amplitude their performance through the art of effective Business strategies, tools and techniques. 

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